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What is All-Star Cheer?!

Full Year

With our Tryouts being held in May, we offer a full year cheerleading team. We practice in the summer, building our skills to be choreographed around the Fall. Then, we practice, practice, practice until it's time to hit the mat!


Half Year

If a Full Year cheer program isn't right for you, we also offer our half year program! We have tryouts in November, build teams in December, and compete from February to May! 

Competitive Fees

With research in tuition fees from other gyms, we have proposed great prices for your athlete per month! 

Full on Support

We don't just specialize in cheer, but also in life! We know you and your child have lives outside the gym, and we ensure that your child succeeds in all areas of life, not just cheer!

Local Competitions

We know your budget for travel isn't as extravagent as you might want it to be, so we accomodate by picking close competitions that works for everyone!

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