January 15, 2017

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All Star Athletic Center & NJ Power Presents: Words from All Star!

December 8, 2016

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Big Changes Come in Threes

January 31, 2017


While browsing through the Internet looking at inspiring and motivational pieces, I came across this article which spoke loud to me. It's nature can be translated into anybody's life and can help inspire anyone to achieve something greater. The best part is that it is three easy and life-changing concepts that you can relate to no matter what your circumstance. 


I want to bring to you two sets of three lessons: the first is my response to the article and his three lessons he learned from the experience. Pay attention to the formatting of the words.


In the article, the author loses his job and is stuck in a bad place due to his own actions. He wanted to get bigger in his life and it critically effected where he was, putting him into extreme debt and in near crisis. This can be related to athletic sports. Many of our situations are usually caused by what we do to ourselves. Feeling a bad training day is relative to how your day started off and what you did to either improve it or stay content with it. This is the role of accountability, the first lesson I learned.


The author knew that he messed up and understood that he alone could remedy the situation. However, in order to move forward, he learned that he needed to push past his fears. Even though he knew that the trail ahead was scary beyond belief, he believed more in himself and knew that the responsibility of his well-being rested on his shoulders. To push past your fears, you must understand your situation and options inside and out. You must always have the urge to learn and improve yourself


When training, you are learning about yourself every time you step your foot into the building or outside ready to work. During that critical time, taking mental notes and remembering your strengths and weaknesses will better prep you into improving yourself so your fear can't stand a chance against you. This is not just learning, but taking responsibility and knowing that the only way to change is to not wait for change to come to you, but create change. 


The last lesson the author mentioned is value. The value of yourself is truly determined by you. Sure, the outside world may have an "idea" of your value, but the world will always underestimate first before overestimating you. That is why you can set the bar higher than you've ever done before. Whenever you are in rock bottom, there is only one way to go and that is up. My last lesson which I took from this article was that you must have versatility with yourself. As an athlete, you have strengths and specializations. Hone in on those and master them, make them your own and never let go. This will provide you the opportunity to adapt to any situation because you will know if will be strength, or if you will be weak. The reason why? There are a ton of athletes out there attempting to do the same thing you are doing. If you do not hone in on your skills, become adaptable, or flexible, you can be replaced. 


I urge you to follow this link and read the article in full. The author is a professional who has created his own startup and is achieving amazing things for himself. You can do the same, as long as you reach for the stars and continuing driving yourself towards success!

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