January 15, 2017

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Its first weekly blogging series! We are very excited in talking with all of you regarding cheer and tumbling. Why? Because it's what we live for!! Mo...

All Star Athletic Center & NJ Power Presents: Words from All Star!

December 8, 2016

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Speed and Powaa!

January 15, 2017

Today's topic is on the how to generate speed and power in tumbling and what it means to provide yourself with enough energy to land your skills the way you want. However, we must understand how speed and power are created, what you can do to increase them, and how it will apply to your tumbling.


1) Your muscles are like Batman's utility belt, it provides an immense amount of options to provide you with opportunities to excel. They are able to contract and extend to insane limits. Power from your body comes from the ability to contract and extend your muscles at certain speeds. When they contract to their max, they create potential energy. When you release that energy and extend your muscles, the energy turns to kinetic energy and makes power or speed. So by increasing muscle mass and flexibility, you can generate power.


2) Increasing muscle mass and flexibility is key to increasing speed and power. Stretching after cardio and plyometrics is an important way to increasing flexibility. Plyometrics involves quick bursts of movement which emphasize certain muscles. Here is a link to the P90X plyometrics workout list as an example.


3) Now the big question is how will this apply to your tumbling? In order to land that tuck or handspring, your muscles must be able to generate the speed necessary for you to execute your skills effectively. A solid round-off comes from speed into your hurdle, the push from your legs which come from your calfs, quads, and hamstrings, and the ability to push your arms away and up from the floor into the air. By contracting your muscles and exploding them where it counts, you will have an effective and powerful tumbling pass.


I hope these above tips help you with creating more power in your tumbling. Here is a compilation of the power tumbler Aaron Cook executing brilliant examples of speed and power which emphasize the three points above:




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