January 15, 2017

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All Star Athletic Center & NJ Power Presents: Words from All Star!

December 8, 2016

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Happy New Year: All Star Goals

January 4, 2017


It is the beginning of a new year and tradition calls for New Years Resolutions!! New Years resolutions are a great way to track what your goals are, how far you have in reaching them, and what you are planning to do in order to achieve them. Each and every day, think about what kind of steps you would like to take to reach your goals. We at All Star understand what it takes in achieving your goals. Below is a list which might help you in fulfilling your dreams. Whether your dreams are in the gym or outside of the gym.


1. Have a vision


Most of us are visual learners and like to see things in pictures. A wonderful tool at your disposal is your mind. Your mind can think in pictures. Seeing what you want to achieve in your head is always the first step. To get a back tuck, you must be able to "see" yourself doing a back tuck. That you, you have a visual to associate with your own body. Then, you take the next steps.


2. Take small steps


Taking small steps is always the best choice to make because you do not want to overwhelm yourself. When you think of the big picture, sometimes you may get lost in its magnitude. Instead, look at what makes up the picture, the puzzle pieces that bring it all together. 


3. Every step counts


No matter what step you take, if you can relate it to something which is connected to your goals, what you did is significant. If you want to get a back handspring, but know your jump needs work, doing a set of jumping drills and exercises will put you on the right path. Each little or big step will always be worth it.


4. Always finish strong


Every day we want to end up in our beds, watching TV or listening to music. During that time, do you think about what amazing thing you have done during the day that you feel proud of? Taking the right individualized steps towards your goal and feeling proud of it is a wonderful thought when laying down after a long day. Always finish what you start and finish it in a way where you can move forward from there.  



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