January 15, 2017

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Its first weekly blogging series! We are very excited in talking with all of you regarding cheer and tumbling. Why? Because it's what we live for!! Mo...

All Star Athletic Center & NJ Power Presents: Words from All Star!

December 8, 2016

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The Mentality of an All Star

December 16, 2016

Have you ever heard of the story of the butterfly in the cocoon? It might be a little different than your typical butterfly story. However, it connects to training and what it means to achieve greatness. It goes something like this:


"A man was gardening his yard one day and came across a butterfly cocoon on the branch of one of his saplings. He saw that the creature inside was starting to move and break open it's protective shell. As he observed, a wing appeared and was flapping hard as the butterfly attempted to break free. As an empathetic man, he helped the butterfly by gently opening the cocoon to let the butterfly free. As the butterfly fell into the man's hands, the man was urging it to fly. The butterfly could not. The man started to wonder why the butterfly couldn't fly, so he brought the butterfly inside to his wife. He told her what happened and how he helped the butterfly out of his cocoon. Little did the gentle man know, his wife explained to him that a butterfly is only as strong as it's struggle to be free and fly. Without the initial struggle to break free of its cocoon, the butterfly will never be able to fly. Just like the saplings will not understand how to stand strong if it doesn't experience the wind."


Having the mentality to achieve greatness is only secondary to how much will power you have to push through all odds to obtain that greatness. Those that are the most successful are sometimes the people that have struggled the most. When you are training in the gym, understand that struggling is only a natural part of the process. It will take time and your wings will tire out sometimes, but you cannot lose your will to fly. As a tumbler, you are one of the closest of people to know what it feels like to actually fly. Know that your struggle will only bring happiness and greatness. Below is a video of a person who struggles, but knew how to break free of his cocoon and fly to new heights. Video recommended by our own Nick Dovico.




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