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Mommy & Me classes taught at All Star Athletic Center
Parent Fit & Flip: Adult tumbling training classes

Due to popular demand, All Star Athletic Center is bringing you a brand new class for you and your children! We know many of you have younger children that are not old enough to take our regular classes. That is why we are introducing a Mommy and Me class! It is built on the principal that Moms can take the time to have a amazing workout with their children and share a unique bonding experience! With a sport such as tumbling, the amount of gains in trust, support, and synergy will skyrocket between you and your child! We know you'll love this new addition to the All Star Athletic Center facility.




Due to popular demand, All Star Athletic Center is bringing you a brand new adult training class that will be built for adults wanting to learn how to tumble or get a great morning workout! We hear a lot from parents that they want to be tumbling alongside their kids. Now is the chance to do so. With two convenient times, this class will put a new pep in your step! You ever noticed how gymnasts always seem to walk on air?? You can get that same feeling by joining in on this class! 




At the heart of these new classes is our partner Christina Hernandez, owner of Rah Rah Routines!

Christina is a cheerleading and tumbling aficionado who has led senior-level all star teams to multiple local, regional and national titles and has more than 23 years of experience as a Pop Warner, high school, and all-star cheerleader. She is contracted to work as a tumble instructor at several cheer and dance organizations in New Jersey, and is a longstanding choreographer for reputable recreation, high school and all–star competitive teams throughout the Northeast region. She is a member of the American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators (AACCA), USASF, and NFHS. Christina is USASF certified in Tumbling and Building Levels 1-5, and assists USASF in credentialing all-star cheer and tumble coaches in the Northeast. She is a certified Varsity judge for all-star competitions, and a freelance writer for Cheer Professional magazine.

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